In Vivo Nanotechnology

In vivo nanotechnology refers to the study and application of nanotechnology for interaction and use within the body. In vivo nanotechnology includes nanotechnology based drugs and in body imaging methods and procedures. A defining characteristic of in vivo of nanotechnologies is their incorporation with bodily and organic compounds to be able to function inside the body. They are commonly used in medical scanning and imaging procedures to identify the location of harmful diseases and growths. In vivo nanotechnologies involve the injection of compounds into the body and should only be handled by a doctor using them for a specific treatment. To find out more about nanotechnology in vivo imaging and how nanotechnology can give accurate measurements of bodily diseases check out the website of a nanotechnology company.

On a chemical and biological level nanoparticles are extremely precise compounds for setting off drug reactions. The scale of nanoparticles allows them to enter the body and attach themselves using biological compounds directly inside the location of diseases or tumors. In particular, one type of nanoparticle known as a quantum dot is used alongside an MRI machine to provide accurate and intricate location of tumors. The dot is a nanoparticle that when exposed to the light waves of the MRI machine turn a fluorescent color that illuminates the tumor to the scanning device providing a map that can be used in its removal. The dot is injected into the body by your doctor and is able to find its way into the tumor. The procedure is entirely local and does not leave any residual effect on the rest of the body.

In the body nanotechnology has the potential to expand to multiple and complex medical practices. For example Nano-imaging technology is advancing the development of sensors by allowing medical researchers and doctors to get local and complex small level readings on bodily compound makeups and even DNA structures. Other advances include joining or coating nanoparticles with organic bodily compounds to aid the injection of medicine into the body to avoid an allergic reaction or immune system response to a foreign body. This allows for a safer delivery of medicine and drugs into the body. For more information about the advances in Nano-medicine and bodily health and nanotechnology be sure to do more research by visiting the website of an advanced nanotechnology company.

If you still have questions about what is in vivo nanotechnology, don’t hesitate to visit the website of a nanotechnology company. You can find out more about specific technologies and the research going into new nanotechnology based medical instruments.